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Warnham Roads and Traffic Consultation Report 2012



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27 June 2018 - Gatwick Reduced Night Noise Trial


The Parish Council has been asked by campaign group CAGNE if it would support the Reduced Night Noise Trial proposed by Gatwick Airport scheduled to begin in 2019, for 6 months.


Following discussion at the Parish Council meeting on 26th June, the Parish Council has responded to CAGNE stating that although the PC welcomes the idea of reducing night time aircraft noise, it does not support the trial due to the risk of an increased concentration of routes over parts of the parish, from the potential narrowing of routing for arrivals.


More information can be found on the proposed trial on the Gatwick Website.


20 June 2018 - Britaniacrest 3R's facility - Planning Application REFUSED


The Britaniacrest planning application for the 3R's facility was discussed at the West Sussex County Council Planning Committee on Tuesday 19th June. The Planning Application was refused by the County Council's Planning Committee. The Parish Council's objection letter can be read here.



24 May 2018 - The Parish Council's response to Horsham District Council Local Plan Review 2018


The Parish Council has responded to the Horsham District Council Local Plan Review 2018. For background information on the review and the Parish Council's response, please click here.


18 April 2018 - Parish Council Annual Report


The Parish Council held it's Annual Meeting last Tuesday 10th April. The Chairman's annual report can be read here.


17 April 2018 - Parish Council Gatwick Policy Statement


The Parish Council has adopted a 'Gatwick Policy Statement' which sets out the principles on which the council will seek to ensure residents do not suffer from excessive levels of aircraft noise. The Statement can be read on our Policies and Documents page.


05 March 2018 - Warnham Neighbourhood Development Plan – Pre-Submission Consultation (Regulation 14)


The Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) has been finalised and will be open for consultation and comment for six weeks from 17 March 2018. The plan can be reviewed via the NDP website or here.


For for more information please click here.


15 February 2018 - New Parish Council Facebook Page!


The Parish Council has a new Facebook Page which can be found here:


Please follow us so that you can be kept up to date with the work of the parish council, events and other items of interest.


17 January 2018 - New noticeboard for the Parish


There is a new noticeboard on the corner of Wyvern Place which is for use by the parish. If you wish to put in an information notice or a flyer for an event please contact the Clerk or Councillor Ann Lloyd.


11 January 2018 - Parish Council Meeting Dates 2018


To view the dates of Parish Council meetings in 2018 please click here.


07 December 2017 - Horsham Year of Culture 2019


Horsham District Council are taking expressions of interest for cultural events that groups would like to put on during the 2019 Year of Culture. If you would like to apply for funding to hold an event please complete the form here.